Cleaning electrical engines with dry ice blasting is an established method to revise old and extensively used engines. As the dry ice blasting method is able to increase the efficiency of old engines with reducing the energy loss inside the engine which is caused by dirt on the ventilation systems. After the Cleaning with dry ice the engine can have up to 40 % more power than before.

With the help of dry ice blasting, industrial plants, machines, machine tools, hydraulic units, assembly lines and electrical lines and components can be cleaned quickly, safely and inexpensively without dismantling or cooling. Dry ice does sublimate on contact which leads to the cleaning process having no residues other than the dirt itself. The temperature of dry ice (minus 78 degrees) ensures that the residues become brittle, and thus also the hardest impurities are removed. With general maintenance and plant cleaning, the cleaning time can be reduced by up to 80 percent.

Many electric motors are equipped with connected cooling fans, which let the air flow through the external housing. However, this can only work properly if the cooling fan is clean. Otherwise contaminants build up over time. These clog the motor and it loses its ability to cool itself and uses more energy. To optimize an electric motor in this regard, it must be cleaned thoroughly.

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During dry eye blasting all the soiling, such as limescale deposits, pulp residues or oil and grease residues are completely removed.

The gentle procedure does not damage the surface or impair its functionality.

A pleasant side-effect of this: Cleaning with dry ice leaves behind a surface that can be painted over.