Avoid deteriorations in the product quality and malfunctions of the plant by means of regular cleaning. The extreme cleaning power of dry ice will renewal the Kilns like no other cleaning method.

As with almost all drying processes various substances are “vaporised” during the drying process. Fine particles deposit themselves inside the furnaces and on the transport facilities. From a certain layer thickness upwards, the layers drop off and cause quality reductions in the products and malfunctions to the system. In addition, product contamination can lead to enormous costs if the cause cannot be found and remedied in a timely manner.  This can be prevented in good time by means of regular cleaning.

By using dry ice, these layers can be blasted off without leaving any. Due to the fact our blasting abrasive completely sublimes, even conveyors such as chains, brackets and pulleys can be cleaned once they have been installed. The drier is not burdened by sand or water residues as the surface will not be damaged by the blasting process. The cleaning is rapid and effective due to the temperature of negative 78 Degrees.

nother advantage of cleaning is that after blasting with dry ice, the surfaces can be painted without further measures.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the cleaning process, we are happy to help.