Construction machines and lifting platforms from a rental park are used in the most diverse sectors and environments. The requirements placed upon the cleaning procedure are thus very high. Subject to the requirement that the existing coats of paint are not damaged, only a few alternatives remain.

The enormous cleaning capabilities of dry ice blasting enable the effortless cleaning of construction machines and lifting platforms. As cleaning with dry ice does work without leaving behind any particles the preparation time gets reduces tremendously. In addition to that the wrap up time after cleaning with dry ice is minimal. After cleaning with dry ice for the first time you will be convinced by the results.

The dry ice method removes the most diverse range of dirt layers due to its temperature of negative 78 degree, such as oil, grease; welding residues, cleaning residues, polyurethane foam residues, concrete residues, paint splashes and much more besides, without damaging the existing top coats on the device. Hydraulic hoses and dial gauges are also not damaged. If you have any questions concerning dry ice blasting feel free to contact us.