Not only lovers are stuck on your vintage cars. The top priority where the assembly of a vintage car is concerned, is to preserve as much of the old substance as possible. Dirt, oils, grease and preservatives (underbody protection) must be removed without damaging the substrate.

Even the most sensitive surfaces have almost all impurities gently removed from them through the use of dry ice. Even varnishes and underbody protection can be removed securely and cleanly. The dry ice procedure is also suitable for the intensive washing of car and motorbike engines. The enormous speed of the dry ice method saved times and money compared to other cleaning methods. Only after the first application the results are often much better then other cleaning methods could be.

Oxidation layers cannot be blasted off to just leave bare metal. Furthermore, does dry ice not take of layer of the cleaned surface. Dry ice does sublimate on contact which leads to the cleaning process having no residues other than the dirt itself. The temperature of dry ice (minus 78 degrees) ensures that the residues become brittle, and thus also the hardest impurities are removed. nother advantage of cleaning is that after blasting with dry ice, the surfaces can be painted without further measures.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the cleaning process, we are happy to help.