Our customers are as diverse as the tasks we perform on your behalf and the related challenges. We take account of this with our service offer.

Our team discusses your requirements and wishes with you and not only determines the ideal procedure but also takes account of your organisational sequences and processes. We can thus offer automated solutions and work on and off-site.

Automation of cleaning processes

In our Plant Engineering division, we design your customised automation solutions that can also be employed directly during ongoing operations as a result of our many years of experience. That’s why we have the necessary expertise in numerous industries to be able to efficiently and cost-effectively implement even the most comprehensive automation systems.

Cleaning on site or at our plant.

For each new task, we check whether cleaning on-site or cleaning outside of your company premises is the more efficient way. Especially where plant components are concerned whose removal or transportation is very time-consuming or cost-intensive, you will be looked after on-site by one of our flexible service teams.

Smaller parts of the system can be picked up by us, directly from your location, and taken to our plant for cleaning. As agreed upon with you, we deliver the cleaned installation parts back to the place of use.