No facility is the same as the next one. Every industrial plant or its parts to be cleaned requires an ideally tailored method for cleaning. This should achieve the best possible cleaning results, protect the plant, guarantee consistent levels of production quality and be as environmentally friendly as possible.

The jet laser technique

Laser cleaning is very demanding in technological terms and requires a circumspect way of working. In operation, the laser is virtually silent and can be integrated directly into the production process whilst taking account of the relevant safety precautions. The laser does not have a scattering effect and can therefore be used in a targeted manner for the processing of complex surfaces.

The stripping rates are lower compared to dry ice, but in this case the removal of individual thin layers of between 0.001 mm and 1 mm is possible.

In addition to the stripping rate that can be finely adjusted, the area to be machined can also be precisely defined. For these reasons the laser procedure is particularly well suited to the cleaning and decoating of sensitive surfaces.

The advantages:

 No blasting and cleaning agents are required

Low running costs

 Gentle and residue-free cleaning

 Reaching of high machining speeds is possible

 Short set-up times and easy to use.

 Very low-maintenance technology, high availability

 Very quiet

 Variable stripping rates