It is perfectly suitable for the production of slices and blocks with a dual shaft design. Ideal for high production quantities in a short space of time.

Design of our product machines

We have incorporated our many years of experience in the handling dry ice into the development of a modular machine concept. In this way we provide you with a system that excels due to the simple integration of extensions and individual components.

One of the special features is the option of flexibly adapting the block geometry for slice thicknesses of between 10 mm and 120 mm. The highest quality components and materials, such as stainless steel, guarantee you a long service life and the maximum precision in producing dry ice. The integrated high performance hydraulics enable us to make dry ice with a high density and hardness that leads to a clean rectangular shape with smooth surfaces on the blocks and slices produced.

The ideal design and insulation of the snow chambers reduces CO2 losses and thus ensures high levels of efficiency. We also provide you with a design with a revert gas connection that offers you the option of subsequent CO2 reliquefication.

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Technische Daten

AusführungZweikolbenmaschine (Duplex)
Kapazität215 – 800 kg/h
Maschinenabmessungen (T × B × H)ca. 1980 × 1560 × 3000 mm
Gewichtca. 3600 kg
SteuerungSiemens Control S7-1500 mit Touch Screen KTP1200basic
Anzahl der Eisauswürfe2
Elektrischer Anschluss2×11 kW / 400 V / 50 Hz / 63 A
Produktabmessungen (T × B × H)150 × 150 × 18 – 100 mm
Blockgewicht / Scheiben608 – 3375 g
Trockeneisdichte1,5 kg/dm3