Robots for the fully automated cleaning of tyre moulds with dry ice.

It was also possible to make use of our expertise dealing with the medium of carbon dioxide that is far from simple in this development project: In 2011 we developed this innovative Robot for the fully automated cleaning of tyre moulds with dry ice. It cleans your industrial moulds automatically and in a particularly thorough manner in combination with the highly mobile blast cleaning head.

Sound pressure levels due to the shielded cleaning head, which is always a big issue, especially for industrial purposes. The blasting nozzles controlled by a servo motor always move at the same speed, which ensures an ideal cleaning pattern compared by manual dry ice blasting.

The highest quality cleaning

The robot consists of two 3-dimensional freely moving cleaning heads with an integrated blasting nozzle. Thanks to the three-part articulated arm, the robot has maximum flexibility when approaching the tire shape, making the entire system very manageable. Thanks to our surrounding rings, which can be docked onto the robot head, the robot can also be rotated through 360 °, which guarantees that the jet nozzles can also cover every corner of the tire shape.

Advantages of the dry ice robot

Most thorough cleaning by virtue of the innovative cleaning head

Kind to surfaces and the environment

Rapid and efficient cleaning of large surfaces and complex moulds

Uniform cleaning result thanks to servo-controlled jet nozzles

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