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  • 2001

    enotech GmbH was founded

    Shareholder: Winfried Peschke

    Laser cleaning division

    The notion of using environmentally friendly technologies for the cleaning of tool moulds in general and tyre moulds in particular was to the fore when enotech GmbH was founded in 2001. The “laser cleaning process” used for this purpose works without chemicals and also does not generate any additional waste materials, as used to be the case when conventional methods were employed in the past. We still successfully apply this procedure on behalf at our customers’ sites to this day and have firmly established ourselves as a service enterprise in numerous tyre manufacturing plants.

    Dry ice cleaning division

    However, not only the laser cleaning process can be ranked among the environmentally friendly cleaning methods. The cleaning of surfaces of all kinds with the so-called “dry ice blasting method” that is equally effective and residue-free also met the requirements of enotech GmbH in terms of the permitted environmental impact, and was included in the range of services offered in 2002. Due to the fact that “dry ice” blasting material sublimates, no additional waste material remains here either.

    Plant engineering division

    The company’s extensive experience with the “dry ice” product and its properties has led to enotech GmbH working in the plant engineering sector. In 2005, a novel dry ice press was developed, which was initially only used to meet in-house requirements, but has now been distributed worldwide since 2008. It was also possible to make use of the expertise acquired dealing with the medium of carbon dioxide that is far from simple, in further development projects. In 2011 enotech GmbH developed a novel robot for the automated cleaning of tyre moulds. This machine should be available to the global market following its completion.

    Dry ice production division

    Dry ice for external customers has been produced using the dry ice press built for our in-house dry ice requirements since 2006. A quite considerable clientele rapidly developed due to the fact dry ice is not only used in the field of cleaning, but is also used for the refrigeration of different product groups during their production and when they are in transit.

    Power / solar technology division

    The company has also remained faithful to its philosophy of environmental friendliness by entering the solar power sector. Enotech’s solar division has been calculating, planning and constructing small and medium-sized solar power plants for private and industrial customers since 2010. We install plants with output capacities of between 4 to 1000KW and offer our customers the full service up to the commissioning of the plant, as well as the subsequent maintenance and monitoring.

  • 2002

    enotech Personalservice GmbH was founded

    Shareholder: Winfried Peschke

    The personnel service, AET Industrieservice GmbH, was founded in 2002 by the founder of enotech GmbH, Winfried Peschke, for the cleaning orders that were initially very irregular, and to meet the high demands placed on the flexibility of our employees. The regionally restricted scope of the company’s business activities was increased in 2011 upon the foundation of the first branch in Erbach in the Odenwald forest region.


  • 2006

    Integration of AET within the enotech group

    Complete integration of AET within the enotech group under the name of “enotech Personalservice GmbH”

  • 2007

    enotech Gas GmbH was founded

    Shareholder: enotech GmbH

    The former “dry ice cleaning” and dry ice production divisions were transferred to the newly founded subsidiary “enotech Gas GmbH” in 2007. enotech Gas GmbH also steadily expanded its customer base by opening another production facility in Nuremberg, in 2008.


  • 2008

    enotech SRL was founded

    Shareholder: enotech GmbH

    As a result of the expansion of the range of services offered by enotech GmbH to other European countries, the enotech group’s first foreign subsidiary was founded in 2008. The wholly-owned subsidiary enotech SRL, headquarted in Medias, offers a large proportion of the services in Rumania. Now enotech SRL produces dry ice in different forms in Slatina and has been able to constantly expand its customer base.

  • 2008

    Opening of the production facility in Nuremberg

    Opeining of an additional production facility in Nuremberg, in 2008. enotech Gas GmbH thus expands its customer base and is now also able to supply the south of Germany with dry ice.


  • 2010

    Portfolio expansion

    In 2010, the business was expanded by the addition of the sale of technical gases, as well as the leasing of blasting equipment for dry ice cleaning. Cleaning work using the dry ice method can also be subcontracted out by enotech Gas GmbH.

  • 2011

    igas GmbH & Co. KG is founded

    Shareholder: enotech GmbH

    The main task area of igas is the supply of our customers with liquid argon.


  • 2011

    Development of a novel robot for the automated cleaning of tyre moulds

    In 2011 enotech GmbH developed a novel robot for the automated cleaning of tyre moulds. This machine was to be made available to the global market following its completion.

  • 2011

    Founding of a branch of enotech Personalservice GmbH

    enotech Personalservice GmbH sets up its first branch in Erbach in the Odwenwald forest region.


  • 2019

    enotech GFK Products was founded

    In Bielsko-Biala, Poland, enotech commences the production of high-quality thermo containers for the storage and transportation of dry ice.


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