The cleaning of printing machines and printing mechanisms is a classic application for the dry ice method.

Due to the cleaning efficiency of the dry ice blasting method is the fastest alternative to clean you printing machines. As dry ice does sublimates during the blasting process it does not leave any traces or moisture behind. The preparation time gets reduces tremendously which reduces the setup time of the Printing machine as well. In addition to that the wrap up time after cleaning with dry ice is minimal. After cleaning with dry ice for the first time you will be convinced by the results.

 Pressure rollers and machine components can be cleaned gently in the system without being removed. When used properly, no electrical components such as cables, photocells and limit switches are damaged. The removal of those electrical components before the cleaning process is also not necessary as we work with precise jet for out dry ice blasting machines.  Due to the direct application on the system to be cleaned, set-up times are greatly reduced. Even the hardest residues can be cleaned due to the extreme temperature of dry ice of negative 78 degrees.

If you have further questions regarding the application of dry ice blasting feel free to contact us.